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As experienced Internet architects, Atarex designs with cutting-edge, proven technologies and stable development methodologies. We work with you to develop solutions that meet your requirements today and anticipate those of tomorrow.
Atarex designs for Unix, Solaris, Linux, Windows and MacOS X platforms to compliment your technology preferences.

Atarex builds high-performance servers for stability, scalability, and fault tolerance suitable for any internet application.

Security is built into all our server, network, application, communication, and data designs with a combination of encryption, partitioning, and authenticated permissions. Security is a process complimented by testing, procedures, and monitors for integrity. We can design secure communication and PKI solutions for your enterprise. We are an authorized reseller of GeoTrust SSL certificates and business identity solutions.

Client and Server Applications
Atarex creates scalable applications through n-tier distribution of functionality between presentation, business logic, and information access.

Database Development
Atarex works to analyze your data needs and to develop fast and efficient database schemas.

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