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Atarex Communications, founded in 1998, is an Internet marketing and computer consulting service company. Our expertise is in promoting products and services by developing web sites, programs, and applications that have a significant and measurable impact. We take your ideas and turn them into reality using interactive marketing solutions that support your objectives. We bring a unique combination of technical talent, strategic thinking, experience, creativity, and resources to help your organization. Atarex has a successful track record of developing rich, functional web sites -- on time and on budget.

Working with Organizations

Atarex's success has stemmed from our experience in the media, online, software, and Internet sectors as well as our work with non-profit organizations. We are sensitive to the different operations, audience membership, and confidentiality required for enterprises, start-ups, and non-profit organizations. We strive to improve our community by working with non-profit organizations at special rates.

We work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your audience, goals, and requirements, resulting in a detailed development and production plan to accomplish the best results. We can develop new plans or augment your existing programs. Atarex offers a wide range of marketing and technical services for your organization. Please review samples of our work.

The Team

Mark Lavi, Founder and Senior Consultant

Mark is a former Netscape Web site engineer, with ten years of Internet development experience at some of the world's largest web sites. Over the past five years, he has consulted as an early member of several Internet startups, highlights include a product launch at Demo'99 and venture capitial funding. Mark also served as a Technology Evangelist for Netscape and has presented his work at several International developers conferences. He was the founding Web master at CNN/fn in New York City. Previous to that, Mark joined Delphi Internet, a MCI/News Corp. company, the first national Internet Service Provider in 1993. He is a volunteer worker for the Honduran Emergency Relief branch in San Francisco.

Victoria Solomon, Founder and Marketing Consultant

Victoria has over a decade of experience in the high tech industry developing highly targeted and integrated marketing strategies for online and traditional media. At Netscape, Victoria helped develop and manage one of the first and largest opt-in content subscription programs with over 140 partners and 17 million subscriptions. Victoria has held Product Marketing, Channel Marketing and Marketing Communications positions at RealNames, Netscape Communications Inc., and SuperMac Technology. She holds a B.A. in Business from the University of Texas and is an active volunteer helping organizations with social causes. Victoria has been involved with international organizations such as Nelson Mandela's Reconstruction & Development Programme and the Honduran Emergency Relief.

The Name

Atarex (pronounced ah-TAR-eks, with an emphasis on the second syllable) was the name of a bulletin board system (BBS) that was run out of Mark's basement in high school in 1995. It is a spin-off from the name Atari: the Atarex BBS ran on an Atari 130XE, an 8-bit computer.

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