Atarex Communications: Password Maintenance

Set your Account Password

Atarex recommends that you change your password quarterly. Your password is your responsibility and keeping it secure (by changing it regularly) is worth the small effort. Remember, no person at Atarex will ever ask you to disclose your password because we do not need to know it: beware any scams asking for your confidential information.

You can change your password immediately by following these instructions.

  1. Go to this URL:
  2. You will be prompted to enter in your username and your password, then you will see your account page. You should bookmark this URL so you can change your password in the future!
  3. Select "Password" in the general section of the left menu.
  4. Your password is changed and you will need to login with your new password to access all hosted services.

TIP: Did you know that you can use digital keys, certificates, and/or SmartCards to consolidate your passwords and to access areas securely and quickly? Contact us to let us know your needs.

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