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Atarex Communications is committed to making web publishing accessible and secure to our clients. We strongly endorse WebDAV to maintain a web site. If you have special needs for security, workflow approval, revision control, or legacy web publishing options, please contact us.

Recommended Guidlines:

Production Values

The Web Publishing Process
2: Web browser or Web Folder
copy to hard drive
<< download 1: document.html
Your computer
The Internet
Web Server
3: Web editor:
edit and save on hard drive
4: upload >>

Atarex recommends that you follow these directions for web publishing, they will let you recover from any mistake.

  1. Find the existing document or template on the web server by browsing through web folders or by using your web browser.
  2. Download a copy to your computer, save it to your hard drive.
  3. Load the local copy into your web page editor, make your changes, and save it to the hard drive.
  4. Web publish/upload the copy to the web server.
  5. Clean up!

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