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Strategic Planning is critical to the long-term success of every organization whether selling products or offering services. Atarex works with you to develop targeted, integrated marketing programs to generate leads, increase Web site traffic, improve customer acquisition and retention. After each campaign, we will report the results and work to improve future campaigns.
Strategic Marketing
Developing marketing programs involves analysis, market and customer research, defining specific objectives, creating revenue models, and developing tactical plans. We can help research, define and develop an overall plan or specific initiatives to drive marketing, positioning, and branding activites.

Lead Generation Programs
We develop direct marketing campaigns, plan events and create promotions to drive customer acquisition.

Member Communications Strategies
It is much less costly to retain existing customers than aquire new customers. We can help develop an online marketing communications strategies to help you stay in contact with your members and help them get to the information they require quickly and easily.

Cause-related Programs
Atarex can create, support, and manage community relations and philanthropic initiatives with global and local cause-related programs.

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